Strive for nothing less than perfection.
-If you’re not going to do something right, you might as well not do it at all!
- go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive greater value for investing and trusting in us.


As a family run business, we strive to create a safe and positive work environment where people feel welcome and cared for. . . like part of the family!

We support and encourage each other as our company grows and strive to bring out the best in each other.

When we work together as a team everyone benefits. As our company grows, we reach our full potential as individuals and as a business.


We feel strongly that building relationships with all stakeholders based on mutual respect is essential for a positive, productive workplace, and ultimately, long-term success.

We always act in good faith and we never leave our clients “high and dry”!



To build relationships with all stakeholders based on mutual respect - working together as a team to deliver quality, cost effective HVAC systems and building automation solutions. We act as a value-added partner by supplying the products, engineering advice, and technical know-how needed to ensure healthy and efficient indoor environments.


Our vision is to be the most trusted company in Newfoundland and Labrador for supplying reliable and cost effective HVAC and building automation components and solutions.


Heating Products Limited (HPL) is a 100% NL owned company that has been operating in the province for nearly 40 years. Our company started out as a small home-based business supplying heating and ventilation products to local firms. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations to include commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC and building automation solutions, as well as our own manufacturing facility where we proudly design and manufacture our own custom EneRound air handling units for specialty applications. Our company’s success is based on a deeper understanding of how our products fit into the larger picture of quality works environments and cost effective energy management.


Health & Safety

At HPL the safety and wellbeing of our employees is of the upmost importance and we strive to create and reinforce a proactive health and safety culture.

The health and wellbeing of our employees never takes a back seat to project deadlines or profits. We empower and encourage employees to never sacrifice safety for the sake of getting a job done.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHS), meets regularly to review our Health and Safety Program and to discuss safe work practices and changes in the workplace. Through this collaboration our Health and Safety Program is continuously evolving to improve upon our efforts to prevent incidents or accidents from happening through safe work policies and procedures.

We spare no expense. We invest in the very best training, education, PPE, and the tools and equipment required for safe work practices.

COR certified since 2001